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Adult Education

Occurs each Shabbat morning the Rabbi is in Michigan City. The day starts with an informal abbreviated Shabbat morning service at 9am. Following the service the Rabbi teaches topics relevant to the calendar starting at 10am.

Adult Bar & Bat Mitzvah training is available for those seeking to celebrate this accomplishment.

Lay-led services training is periodically offered.


Beit Hasefer Religious School

Jill Edwards – Administrator

This year Sinai Temple in Michigan City and Temple Israel in Valparaiso are again combining their Sunday school classes. The 2019-2020 school year starts in Michigan City from August through December. Starting in January classes will move to Valparaiso. Classes occur twice a month and meet thru May. The school year begins on August 25th.

Check the Sinai Temple Bulletin every month for pictures, updates and events planned with these great kids! We look forward to and welcome all temple members coming and sharing their talents, like singing and storytelling, or joining us on some fabulous field trips!

More information available at Temple Israel’s website.