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Our Holocaust Torah

Sinai Temple is the host of Memorial Scroll Trust Torah #592 since 1982. This Torah is part of the over 1500 scrolls that were acquired in 1963 from a company run by the Czech Communist Government.

Memorial Scroll Trust Torah #592

This Torah is originally from Ivancice, a town in the South Morovian region of the Czech Republic. The Jewish Cemetery here has been in existence since 1552 (based on the date of the oldest headstone).

This Torah has been through a lot prior to arriving in Michigan City. According to the Memorial Scroll Trust this scroll was written in 1900. In 1942 all Sifrei Torah and other Jewish “artifacts” from Bohemia and Moravia were sent to the Jewish Museum in Prague. In Prague these artifacts were stored in 40 warehouses and cataloged by Jews, who were later deported to concentration camps after the work was completed. In 1963 over 1500 of these Torah scrolls were sold and moved to London, where they have been held by the Memorial Scroll Trust since it was established. Torah scroll #592 has been allocated to Sinai Temple in Michigan City, Indiana, where it remains today as an memorial and reminder of the loss of Jewish communities in Europe during the Holocaust.